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Conventional and CNC Turning Lathes


In our expansive facility, we use multiple CNC lathes and turning centers to offer turning capabilities that translate into faster throughput, greater efficiency, and more cost savings for projects in a diverse range of sizes and shapes.

In addition to advanced part catching and indexing functions, advanced bar feeders and multi-spindle turning centers enable our team to provide our customers with a higher level of flexibility and efficiency.

SAI-TECH turning capabilities allow us to turn and machine most metals and alloys in an exhaustive range of sizes and dimensions.

What is CNC Turning?

This is a subtractive manufacturing process that produces cylindrical parts with symmetry about an axis passing through the center along the length of the part. Lathe machines, given their versatility and multi-axes degrees of freedom for spindle movement, can also produce asymmetrical parts with accessories.

These machines can be found in vertical and horizontal configuration 

During the turning operation, the workpiece is held using jaw chucks and rotated at speeds of 4000-8000 RPMs. The cutting tool is held steady and slowly brought in contact with the rotating workpiece. This removes small spiral chips from the job which is essentially a solid metal part. The job is adjusted as and when needed to achieve the desired geometry.


Advantages of our CNC Turning services

  • High-quality and precision machining: We have capabilities to perform CNC turning operations using both CAD/CAM APIs and manual operation, they produce parts exactly to your requirements. Our manufacturing engineer works with your design engineer so that all manufacturing considerations follow any required DFM guidelines.
  • Part interchangeability & symmetry: CNC turned parts are symmetric and produced as per ISO standards. Therefore, in future if required, parts may be interchanged and worn parts can be replaced.
  • Variety of operations: Metal fabrication projects can at times encounter changes once the shop floor operations have begun. With our range of tools, accessories and services, such unanticipated changes can be handled without compromising quality or deadlines.