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CNC Milling and Boring Machines


Faster and more efficient machining for contoured parts: Our boring and milling machinery also features rotary tables that enable highly efficient multi-axis machining, increasing value and throughput for our customers.

3D Machining with tight tolerances: In addition, rotary table indexing enables us to perform three-dimensional machining tailored to all of your specifications. All of our machined components are fabricated to specific tight tolerances that include +/- 0.0005 for milling and +/- 0.0002″ for machine boring.

Materials frequently used within our horizontal boring and milling machine include steel, aluminum, stainless, nickel, and copper alloys.

Our CNC milling shop is one of the largest and most sophisticated in U.A.EFrom face mills and end mills to mill threads, our CNC milling services handle a large range of metals. We create NC codes from your CAD files and 3D models for CNC milling of parts for custom designs.

Our customers save time by avoiding rework and we are able to achieve shorter production lead times for them.


CNC Milling

Our milling centers use subtractive manufacturing methods to remove material from a solid blank of metal to create specific geometries. A rotating mill cutter cuts the metal from the workpiece to generate parts as per your design inputs. 

Additionally, with computerized controls of machines, tool paths depend upon programming accuracy. Slight deviations in the cutting tool’s motion could result in waste of material and eventually rejection.

We use CAD/CAM applications to create an optimized tool path and deliver the desired design. Which is further translated to creating complex geometries using our CME milling machines.

Advantages of our CNC Milling services

We use the latest 

  • We use of latest CAD/CAM softwares to accurately translate your requirements to the shop floor
  • Quick and easy replication of machining operations with precision
  • Ability to meet industry-accepted international quality standards
  • A wide variety of raw materials can be handled
  • Low volume runs with controlled price per part
  • The ability to apply specialty finishes to your parts
  • Capability to handle all sizes of parts

We are a one-stop ISO9001 certified shop that offers additional services such as a clean room, specialty finishing, inspection services, and inventorying as your manufacturing solutions partner.


Our CNC milling services include full end to end manufacturing capabilities in our aim to be a full solutions provider to our customers. Our seasoned team can meet the most demanding requirements in precision, complicated jobs to deliver fully finished components ready for assembly at your facility.