Surface Protection Services & Refurbishment of Components for Every Industry

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Versatility and Productivity call for expertise. Maintenance of industrial equipment is a key component of production costs.

SAI TECH maintenance and repair services aim at bringing in significant savings in machine downtime and production costs by extending the life of the industrial components (new or old) as a part of maintenance program for heavy industrial applications in steel mills, mining, cement, dredging, power plants, chemical, aluminum smelters, oil and gas companies.

Wear Plate Production Plant

SAI TECH built a new wear plate manufacturing plant to produce wear plates with various alloys in accordance with internationally recognized standards. Plates of different sizes can be produced to meet customers with various requirements. The wear plate plant is sourced from a supplier of repute in France and flux-cored wires are imported from various international European producers

Wear Parts

We produce new parts with wear plates for protection against, Erosion, abrasion, cavitation, impact and pre mature failures Hoppers, silos, bins, housings, conveyors, grizzly’s, ducts, chutes, fan impellers, fan casings, classifiers, liners, sieves, screens, pipes, rotors, funnels, wear bars, and complete wear resistant material transmission assemblies are fabricated at our works.

Wear Pipes

SAI TECH Industries makes the custom-built fabrication of abrasion-resistant piping systems and accessories. SAI TECH pipe systems stand up to abrasive particles and slurries, keep your processes online, and deliver significant lifecycle cost savings over common steel pipe.

Hard Facing

SAI TECH provides hard facing services to apply wear and corrosion-resistant alloys to components typically manufactured from softer base metals like carbon and stainless steel. Our hard facing alloys help improve the life of finish machined components, thereby reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Crack repairs, component size restoration and wear protection with hard facing materials like nano, manganese alloys, chrome and tungsten carbides.

Cladding: Corrosion Resistant Overlays

The cladding of stainless and nickel for corrosion and oxidation resistant overlays on the carbon steel substrate.

Industry Focus: Oil & Gas (upstream-downstream), Chemical, Power Generation, Steel Works, Mining, Pump, Valves and Fittings, Paper and Pulp.


Thermal Spray Coatings: metallic, oxide ceramic, carbide and plastic powders and arc spraying with cored wires. The main areas of application for thermal coatings are corrosion protection and wear protection.

Industry Focus: Oil & Gas (upstream-downstream), Chemical, Power Generation, Steel Works, Mining, Pump, Shafts, Steel construction structures like bridges (for zinc spray).

Epoxy Coatings: The versatile quick-curing polymer-bound metal repair system for filling blow holes, hollow spaces, defects and machining errors in all cast - iron.

Industry Focus: Foundry, Engineering, Shipbuilding, Steel Works, wear Protection and Construction

Polyurethane Coatings: Recommended for application to surfaces subject to high levels of wear-and-tear, where excellent chemical/physical resistance is required. Abrasion and wear-resistant coatings for anywhere that slip, mar and scratch resistance is required.

Industry Focus: Automotive, Industrial Maintenance, Military and Construction.

Total Refurbishment Solutions

SAI TECH  application engineers have the expertise to recommend a diverse range of welding consumables and weld repair procedures for cast steel, cast iron, manganese steel, difficult – to weld steels, hard facing and non – ferrous alloys. Consistency is critical in the repair and refurbishment of complex materials and component geometries. Understanding wear phenomena and material attributes are the hallmarks of a successful refurbishment program.


Sai TECH’s 24 x 7, REPAIR CREW is also well equipped to take up IN SITU REPAIRS and installations.