Precision Machined Components for Every Industry

Boring • Drilling • Milling • Tapping • Reaming • Shaping • Contouring


At SAITECH INDUSTRIES, we stop at nothing to provide our customers with the highest quality custom metal fabrication and CNC machining services for various industry segments, including OEM, heavy industry and infrastructure construction companies. A large capacity machine shop consisting of multiple CNC machines for both vertical and horizontal manufacture enables us to machine complex components of a large array of sizes to meet the most demanding and complex customer requests – particularly important with the ever-increasing pressures on the supply chain. Our machines are operated by highly-skilled, time-served tradesmen.


Conventional and CNC Turning Lathes

In our expansive facility, we use multiple CNC lathes and turning centers to offer turning capabilities that translate into faster throughput, greater efficiency, and more cost savings for projects in a diverse range of sizes and shapes.

In addition to advanced part catching and indexing functions, advanced bar feeders and multi-spindle turning centers enable our team to provide our customers with a higher level of flexibility and efficiency.

SAI TECH turning capabilities allow us to turn and machine most metals and alloys in an exhaustive range of sizes and dimensions.

CNC Milling and Boring Machines

Faster and more efficient machining for contoured parts: Our boring and milling machinery also features rotary tables that enable highly efficient multi-axis machining, increasing value and throughput for our customers.

3D Machining with tight tolerances: In addition, rotary table indexing enables us to perform three-dimensional machining tailored to all of your specifications. All of our machined components are fabricated to specific tight tolerances that include +/- 0.0005 for milling and +/- 0.0002" for machine boring.

Materials frequently used within our horizontal boring and milling machine include steel, aluminum, stainless, nickel, and copper alloys.