Seamless integration of project planning, execution and quality control

Our skilled fabrication workforce includes Project Managers, Sheet Metal Workers, Coded Welders, Fabricators and Fitters who possess up-to-date skills and design knowledge.

Metal Processing

Cutting • Shearing • Bending • Rolling • Forming • Welding • NDT• Blasting and Painting



Press Brake

With press brake capacities up to 500 tons and 20', can bend, form, flatten, and straighten fabrications with the most demanding specifications. Plate and sheet can be rolled into cylinders and cylinder segments, helixes, cones; concentric or eccentric

CNC Cutting



Multiple Welding Stations

For OXY/ACT, MMA, MIG/MAG, FCAW, TIG and SAW welding processes and adopting the correct pre-heats, inter pass temperature and post-heat requirements within the procedure.

Welding operators are qualified in welding processes such as SMAW, GTAW, SAW, FCAW, GMAW, ESSC etc.

Welding engineering team embraces many disciplines, including weld design, material processing, metallurgy, fabrication, quality control and repair.

Blasting and Painting

SAI TECH provides blasting and painting within in-house closed chambers. Both chambers measure 12 meter in width and 56 meters in length, equipped with overhead cranes. We use grit/garnet blasting for long and big elements, while the painting system comprises primer, intermediate and final coat.


Materials worked with include: Stainless Steel, Duplex, Hot Rolled Steel (HRS), Cold Rolled Steel (CRS), Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO), Abrasive Resistant Steels, QT Steels, Hard faced  Plates, Cor-Ten Steel, Aluminum, Tantalum, Copper alloy material, Roll Bonded Clad Plates, Cast Iron, Nickel Alloys


Non – destructive testing, includes, Visual, MPI, DPI, Hardness testing and will be carried out when called for within the procedure, or use an independent testing house as and when required. Pressure Testing, Hydro-Testing and Pneumatic Testing beds are available in – house.